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The PCTVEA cohosted a cleanup of the Great Falls in Paterson on Saturday, November 13, 2021 in conjunction with the Great Falls National Historic Landmark Park Rangers. The event was organized by PCTVEA’s PRIDE Chair, Mark O’Neill & Vice President, Larry Hurtado, along with National Park Ranger Kelsey Sirica. Over 100 students from PCTVS, as well as teachers Marc Foti (PCTVEA president), Sue Butterfield (PCEA president), Ganna Osetska, Jayne O’Neill, Victoria Scarpa, Larry Owens, Daniel Levine, and Mike Pettineo (PCTVEA treasurer) also participated.

The group received safety instruction from the rangers at the base of the Alexander Hamilton (founder of the city of Paterson) statue, with the majestic waterfall as their backdrop. Small groups, led by the rangers (who supplied pickers, gloves and bags), cleaned refuse and raked leaves in several areas of the park.

After working for a few hours the participants enjoyed a lunch of burgers, gyros, falafels, salad and fries supplied by Gyro Grill of Wayne, courtesy of the PCTVEA.

“It was well organized and very fun,” said Sultan Seddik, a junior student at PCTI. 

Park Ranger Sirica expressed her gratitude to our Association and students. “Thank you so much for all the help. Together we were able to pick up 48 bags of trash, 7 full bags of leaves, and 3 thirty gallon bins of weeds. We look forward to working with you in the future!”